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November Flight

This Wednesday I did a flight in N2723L a 1967 Cessna 172H. I did the flight in two parts, part one consisted of preflight, fueling, and photoshoot. The preflight is the inspection that pilots do before every flight. Some of the things that are checked during the preflight are tires, breaks, wing strut, leading edge of the wing, pitot tube, fuel vent, wing tip, ailerons, flaps, fuselage, antennas, elevator, rudder, oil, etc. Next we refueled. When calculating how much fuel we need for a flight we use a fuel burn on ten gallons per hour for this plane. I wanted to fly for about two hours so I new I needed 20 gallons of fuel plus 30 minutes ( 5 gallons ). You have to bring at least 30 minutes of extra fuel for each flight. Now it was time to go flying! After takeoff we made a right turnout towards the river. We wanted to fly over the upwind side of the hills so that when the wind blows it will be deflected up the hill and help us climb. Our goal was to climb above the clouds so that we could take some pictures. After flying around above the clouds for a while we found a hole in them and started to descend. We entered the traffic pattern for runway 25. After landing we taxied back to the FBO (fixed base operator) so we could pick up my parents. We took off again and used the same strategy as before to climb. We started to fly towards Mt. Adams but my mom got sick so we turned around before we got there. We made the same traffic pattern as before and I made a nice approach and a very nice landing. I like flying because you get to cheat….. gravity, death, and common sense.



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