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Impossible bottles

Harry Eng was the first to popularize impossible bottles. He was a magician, inventor, and school teacher who loved to make people think. Harry put all kinds of things in his bottles, most of them bigger then the neck of the bottle. The bottles where always undamaged and the objects always bottle2went in through the neck of the bottle. Some of the things he was known for putting in his bottles were coins, decks of cards, padlocks, books, shoes, and scissors. His trade mark was a knot usually bigger then the neck of the bottle and sometimes so big that it touched the sides. When Harry died he took many of his secrets with him, however there is now a small group of people world wide that have discovered somebottle1 of the secrets. I recently figured out a couple of them including scissors, a padlock, and a small motor. I have also put a match box and a servo motor in a bottle. The process is difficult and frustrating but the result is vary satisfying.

I discovered the impossible bottle about two years ago, and started thinking about how it was done.  After two years of having it in the back of my mind, the solution came to me. I bottle3think it’s interesting that you can’t find the solution on-line, some forums give small hints but the solution is never revealed.  After putting something in and knowing it worked, was very bottle4exciting.

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