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Sugar Rocket 1

A sugar rocket is a rocket with a sugar based fuel. The fuel has two main parts the fuel and the oxidizer. In a sugar rocket the fuel is sugar and the oxidizer is usually potassium nitrate, other things can be added to the fuel to effect how it looks when it burns but I’m not going to be adding anything to mine. For the fuselage of the rocket I’m going to use PVC pipe and I’ll use cardboard for the fins and nose cone. I also got a manuel altitude finder so that I can see how high my rocket goes. After I perfect the fuel mixture and rocket design I might try to add a parachute that deploys when the engine burns out. My idea for the parachute deployment is to make a small rocket engine on top of the main one facing back at the parachute so that once the main engine burns out it will ignite the small engine blowing the parachute out.

I’ll write a second part with pictures when I have finished building the rocket.

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