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Sugar rocket pt2

IMG_4857IMG_4850 Today we experimented with potassium nitrate and sugar reactions. So far we have only tried a 1:1 ratio of sugar to potassium nitrate but next week we will start to test deferent ratios. We tested the fuel in a cup just so we could see the reaction better but next week we will start construction of the engine. My idea for the engine is to fill a PVC or copper pipe with the fuel and put a hole through the middle to act as a nozzle. I will light the engine from the top so that it burns from the top down and hopefully keeps the nozzle intact for as long as possible. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to make a nozzle out of something else like clay maybe. We also made the rocket bodies today which we made from PVC pipe with cardboard nosecone and fins. They don’t have parachutes currently, but that might be something that we are going to look at it the future.IMG_4858IMG_4859

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