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Sugar Rocket pt3

This week we made two test rocket engines. We started by putting some clay kitty litter in a coffee grinder and grinding it into a fine powder. Next we made a stick that we used for measuring and packing the powders in the engine. Then we filled one of the rocket engines with clay powder and pounded it down with the stick. Next we ground up the potassium nitrate and mixed it with the powdered sugar. We poured the potassium nitrate and sugar mixture into the engine and packed it down with the stick, then added one last layer of clay as a cap. The last step was to drill a hole through the middle. The hole would act as a nozzle and it would make it so that we could light the engine from the back and have it burn down the core. The rocket engine was now ready to fire, so we clamped it in the vice and used a remote ignition system to fire it. The engine ran perfectly and we did one more test with the same results. Next week we will fly the engine for the first time.

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