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X-ray Project Part 1

I have been wanting to make an x-ray machine for quite a while, but only recently found a tube and power supply that were not too expensive. An x-ray tube works by shooting a beam of electrons from an aluminum cathode (C) which strike a platinum anode creating x-rays. The anode (A) is angled so that the x-rays are directed out the tube. 2000px-WaterCooledXrayTube.svg

X-ray tubes require a very high voltage in order to operate so I also got a 25Kv (25,000 volt) power supply which I will use to run my tube.

X-rays are much smaller than light waves which means they cannot be seen with the naked eye. In order to see the x-rays I will use an x-ray intensifying screen which will produce photons when struck be x-rays. Because x-rays are a form of radiation I will use a camera to look at the intensifying screen so that I don’t have to be in the room while the tube is powered on. I will also make a switch that can be triggered from outside the room.


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