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Year in Space

On march 27, 2015, Scott Kelly was launched on a Soyuz for the first year long mission aboard the International Space Station. The main goal of the one year mission is to study the biological effects of long term space flight in order to help with planning for the Mars Mission. While on the space station the crew exercises daily in order to help minimize bone loss and muscle atrophy. They do this with the help of specialized exercise equipment, for example, tread mills and resistance devices that try to simulate the effects of gravity in a micro gravity environment. The crew also studied how fluids in the body shift while in micro gravity and how they effect vision by increasing intracranial pressure. The one year crew will also be studying the psychological effect of living in a confined space for an extended period of time. They will be required to keep a journal to document their experience.

I like to watch the research that is going into preparing for the Mars Mission.  I find the process of space flight fascinating.

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