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Squeak of the tires

Rush of the air

The smell of burnt avgas





When I think of gliding the first thing that comes to mind is sitting in the glider on the runway smelling burnt avgas from the tow-plane. Then I think of giving a thumbs up to the ground crew and the lurch as the tow-plane starts rolling down the runway. The next thing I think of is the slowly building rush of air as the two aircraft accelerate into the air. Once I have been towed to a sufficient altitude I release the tow rope with a pop and bank right to avoid the tow-plane. After releasing from the tow-plane everything gets quiet. It is exhilarating to be free of all noise but the wind and to not have to rely on an engine to keep you flying. Eventually drag and gravity force me to perform the most challenging and exciting part of the flight, the landing.

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